Mission / Vision

Mission Statement

A first Class African Council in Australia, which is inclusive and well governed, striving to cement relationships among African-Australians and the wider Australian communities, lobbying all government levels,  promoting cultural sharing, advocating for better settlement needs and social inclusion,  and empowerment in socio-economic living including education, housing, employment and health.

Vision Statement

As a first class African Community Council, the ACCT strives to be the first point for information for better outcomes in terms of socio economic living for all African Australians in Tasmania. In achieving this outcome the ACCT shall lobby all levels of government and service providers to realise its aims   in representation for all African-Australians in Tasmania.


- Multilateralism
- Fairness
- Putting community needs first

 - Doing what we say we do
- Thinking before we act
- Sensitive to diversity
- Mutual respect for others
- Gender sensitive

 - Equal opportunity
- Non-discriminatory in terms of gender, race, ethnicity, tribe 
- Good governance-democratic, consultative, transparent, accountable
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