Current Membership

The current members of the council are from the following African associations and groups;


Zimbabwe Tasmanian Association

Agola Kapuk Association

Tasmanian African Youth Association

Dinka Community Association

Tasmanian Ethiopian Association

Madi Community Association of Tasmania

Congolese Association of Hobart

Ethiopian Community Association of Tasmania

Somali Community of Tasmania


New Membership

A person or community representative who is not a member of the Council at the time of the incorporation of the Council is not to be admitted as a member of the Council unless –

(a) the person forwards a written application for membership in accordance with the following conditions;

An application for membership is to be –
   - made in writing and signed by 2 executive members of ACCT or current financial members of the    Council ; and
  - accompanied by the written consent of the person nominated; and 
  - lodged with the public officer of the Council.


(b) the person is approved for membership by the committee.

Please contact the Vice Secretary, Mark Odwogo (, for a form to join. 

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